PowerShell CLI Tools


AWS have created a tools management utility, AWS.Tools.Installer, which allows you to Install, Update, and Manage the subsets of AWS tools. Any of the tools you can install using the installer, can also be installed from the PowerShell gallery using the tool name, in the format AWS.Tools.[name].
To install the AWS PowerShell CLI Tools Installer:
Install-Module AWS.Tools.Installer
To install the common toolset:
Install-AWSToolsModule Common
To install the S3 toolset:
Install-AWSToolsModule S3

Configuring a Profile

To store credentials for later use, you can setup a profile. To use the profile in another command, call the -ProfileName paremeter, and supply the friendly name of your profile.
Set-AWSCredential `
-AccessKey [access key]
-SecretKey [secret access key]
-StoreAs [friendly name]
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